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Equity crowdfunding platform Sharequity prepares for launch with backing of fintech heavyweight Jack Quigley



The equity crowdfunding space is starting to heat up in the wake of legislation coming into effect in late September, with new platform Sharequity preparing to enter the space next week.

The platform, which was slated for launch today but has been rescheduled, will be similar to existing services such as Equitise, and will also seek to provide opportunities for investors through traditional routes, not just via crowdfunding.

The company is founded by Geoff Reilly, a former GMP Securities chief operating officer in the Asia Pacific, and is backed by Jack Quigley, a founding director of FinTech Australia and the founder of CrowdfundUP, who is a shareholder and will work with the company as a non-executive director. Read more...


Sharequity: Sharing crowd with tradition

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Supratim Adhikari, Technology Editor

7 November 2017


Crowd-funding is picking up steam in Australia, but for one platform, Sharequity, collaboration rather than competition may hold the key to the trend’s long-term viability in the local market.

Founded by former APAC chief operating officer of GMP Securities Asia-Pacific, Geoff Reilly, Sharequity is the latest in a growing crop of platforms looking to capitalise on the enthusiasm around crowd-funding. However, Sharequity is looking to carve out a different niche for itself.

“There are a large number of retail investors that have seen the opportunities available in equity crowd-funding in places like the UK and the US,” Mr Reilly said. “They want exposure to these investment opportunities and to get in on the act here, right now.”

Sharequity has five companies, in the medical cannabis and agritech sector, looking to raise capital on the platform ahead of its launch this week.

The launch comes hot on the heels of start-up bank Xinja becoming the first company to use the government’s new equity crowd-funding law and raise $3 million from retail investors through the Equitise platform.


Sharequity targets smaller raisings

Mark Beyer
 Monday, 20 November, 2017

A new capital markets platform that has backers from accounting firm BDO, law firm Steinepreis Paganin, and property group CrowdfundUP plans to target both traditional capital raising deals and the new field of equity crowdfunding. Sharequity is already working with companies in the medical cannabis and agritech sectors to raise capital by traditional routes.

Jack Quigley, who runs Subiaco-based real estate crowd investing platform CrowdfundUP, is an investor and director of Sharequity. “I believe that the crowdfunding market in Australia will be strongly interconnected with the broader fundraising industry both on the seller’s side and the buyer’s side,” Mr Quigley said. “Equity crowdfunding is a game-changer across multiple verticals, but make no mistake, it won’t exist in a vacuum.”

BDO corporate finance partner Sherif Andrawes believes equity crowdfunding will suit a wide range of businesses, from tech firms to exploration companies, that could become better established before proceeding to an IPO.

Steinepreis Paganin partner Peter Wall is an investor and chairman of Sharequity.


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